This page has some general information for guests to use as a reference before arrival, and while staying at the house.

ADDRESS: 20078 Heron Drive, Bodega Bay CA 94923


  1. Reservations & Billing:  Rocky  (415) 529-5445
  2. Maintenance & Supplies:  Sari  (707) 495-3835

CHECK-IN TIME: Normally 4:00 PM, but can be earlier.

If the house is scheduled to be cleaned the day of your arrival, the check-in time will be 4:00 PM. A lot of times the house will be cleaned 1-2 days prior, in which case we would allow an early morning check-in.


The house can't be cleaned until the day after you check-out so there is no need for me to rush you to leave earlier. Relax and enjoy the entire day.


There is an electronic key pad lock on the front door so you don’t need a physical key. We will program a 4-digit code for you and it will be active during your stay. To open the door, press the Schlage logo, enter the code, wait for the dead bolt to finish moving, then push the handle down. When exiting just press the Schlage logo to lock.


After walking in the front door, you will need to turn off the alarm. The keypad is in the hallway. After entering the front door, turn right and you'll see it on the wall, right side. Enter the 4-digit code and press 1 (OFF). When checking out, enter the 4-digit code and press 2 (AWAY). All doors must be closed when setting the alarm. I will program a code for you to use during your stay. There are 2 security cameras which are always recording. One faces the front door and the other overlooks the driveway. Please do not attempt to unplug the cameras.


Network name: CALMO and CALMO_5Ghz, CALMO_2GEXT, CALMO_5GEXT
Key / Password: 14u2ccalmo

This info is labeled on the thermostat and on the router, on the shelf of the bench in the living room. The WiFi extender device is place above the laundry machines. This device generates the networks "_2GEXT" and "_5GEXT."

If the WiFi seems to be slow, reboot the router by unplugging the power for 10 seconds and plug back in.


There is a cordless phone in the living room. The phone number is 707-377-4218. Feel free to make outbound calls. Some cell phone carrier don't have the greatest coverage in the area so the land line could come in handy.


We don’t have a movie collection but you can order movies with Comcast OnDemand if you’d like. There are some board games stored in the drawers of the cabinet/credenza next to the dining table. The garage has a pool table, ping pong table top, air hockey table, dart board and arcade game. Place all game accessories (ping pong balls, paddles, darts) in the black/orange tote.


The grill and fire pit run on propane tanks. Instructions on using them are in on the inside of the cover/door. You should find lighters in the grill or in the kitchen drawers. There are 3 extra propane tanks in the garage for the BBQ and fire pit. If you use any of them please let me know so I can get the empty ones refilled. Keep the BBQ Grill covered at all times when not in use.


Keep the cover on at all times when not in use. The spa is always running. The temperature is normally kept at 100 degrees. You can increase or decrease as needed. There is a button to turn on the colored lights. The spa has 2 jet pumps. Press once to turn on and press again to turn off. The knob near the back of the spa controls the waterfall. The knob near the front right side controls the air. Turn both of these off when not using the spa. The spa brand is Sundance, and it was purchase in June 2016.


The supplies closet is in the hallway, next to the laundry machines. It should have all the basic supplies you'll need. Please let me know if you find any of the supplies are low or out. You will need to bring your own bath soap and shampoo/conditioner. There may already be some in the bathrooms but we don’t stock them. Paper towels and napkins are in the cabinet above the refrigerator.


Feel free to use anything you find in the fridge, freezer and kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is stocked with coffee/tea supplies. We have a Keurig pod machine and a regular drip machine. There is lots of coffee in the cabinet but feel free to bring your own.


The lights outside the front door and garage doors are controlled by a sensor. To turn them on just walk close to the motion sensor. The switch has been disabled.


The grass area beyond the back patio of the house is part of the golf course. No one is allowed on the golf course at any time of the day or night. Even though the rough grass area is a number of yards away from the fairway, it is not to be used as a back yard. Make sure all children and adults in your group are made aware of this, and tell everyone not to set foot on the grass. After a number of our guests have failed to abide by this rule, the community association is now fining us for any complaints received by neighbors and for every time security is called to the house to address people using the golf course as a back yard, or for noise complaints. Any fines will be deducted from the security/reservation deposit.


We do not allow large parties on the property. Loud music is not permitted outside. After a number of our guests have failed to abide by this rule, the community association is now fining us for any complaints received by neighbors and for every time security is called to the house to address noise complaints. Any fines issued will be deducted from the security/reservation deposit.


The house on the left is a full-time vacation rental. The house on the right is occupied by the owners (Chris and Liz) on a full-time basis. They have the house phone number and will call if they feel you are too loud, or if you walk on the golf course. If there are any issues after their initial phone call, they will contact us. Please be courteous to them and keep the noise outside to a minimum.


  1. Run dishwasher with all dirty dishes
  2. Unplug kitchen appliances - coffee makers, toaster, etc.
  3. Put trash bags in garage trash cans
  4. Place used towels on bathroom floors
  5. Turn off all TV’s
  6. Put furniture and everything else in correct place, as you found them
  7. Put all board games back in cabinet by dining table
  8. Place pieces for all games in garage in their appropriate places (ping pong paddles, air hockey puck, darts, etc.)
  9. Cover BBQ, Fire Pit, Hot Tub
  10. Turn off Heater
  11. Turn off all lights
  12. Lock all doors – front, patio, and interior garage door (by laundry machines)


  • One of the dining room chairs has a tear in the back
  • The home does not have air conditioning

If you need anything during your stay, contact Sari Singerman at 707-495-3835. She handles all on-site management.  She is also a great photographer who specializes in Fine art Portraiture, Families, Events, and more.  Her website is  and she will book last minute sessions for the guests staying at the home.

Electronic Front Door Lock

Thermostat & Alarm Keypad

Supplies Closet

Linens & Towels